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The X Group
What Are These So Called Experts Talking about?

Different Stories, Beliefs, And Truths

When we research some of the theories of these so called experts, you know the ones I am talking about. Those with multiple book deals. Those who seem to be right on target as far as the readings they do, or possibly some of their predictions. And because they seem to be right quite abit or a large portion of the time, they are given the title of expert.
I must admit, I would probably think the samething. Until you start really listening to them and delving deep into their books and what thier spirit guides, Ascended Masters or Walkins are supposedly telling them. There is the old story or theory held by a majority of the Psychics, spiritualists, seers and channelers out there about reincarnation and that we pick the life, body, and family we will be part of in this life. Well that all sounds well and good till you look at some of the lives that have caused so much misery and pain in the world. I mean if we are enlightened beings when not in our fleshly body, why on earth would we choose to be a Hitler, an abusive father/mother, child molester, serial rapist, serial killer ect? I mean does that sound like something an enlighten being or spirit would choose to be? Especialy when you listen to story after story of those that have had an NDE (Near Death Experience) and they tell of the love and knowlege that seems to saturate the after life? Yet they sit there in this place of all encompasing love and ultimate knowlege and say, " I think I would like to be a father that molests and beats his kids and ruins their lives. Or, " I want to be so psychologicaly messed up that I will be in a man's body but want to be a woman ( or vise versa) and live my life in total despair and anguish". I want to be a Tomithy Mcvay and destroy thousands of lives just for the heck of it. I am sorry but can we agree that that sounds a little far fetched? Ok, I can hear you asking , "Ok, Mr smarty pants what is the answer?" My response would be, " Sir/Ma'am, I honestly donot know". Though I guess I could write a book about how all these spirit guides tell me this or that, live comfortably from the sales,and then totaly dissappear when my prophesies dont come to pass, but I would be doing what each and every spiritualist, chaneler, new agre or Psychic that has ever written a book has done, totaly confuse you with multiple truths. I mean don't you find it amazing how all of these spiritualists, Psychics,ect are having their guides, ascended masters or spirits telling each of them a different story? Even in religion you find the same exact thing, You could take the biggest names in the christian faith have them all pray about the same thing, don't let them know about each other and they would come back with "God told me" or "Thus sayeth th Lord" only problem would be, they would each have something different that God supposedly told them about the same thing. I am not just picking on the christian faith, the same would go for any faith, any belief. My point is this, seems to me all these experts who have written books all start out basicaly the same, depending on thier area of expertise, but after say the 4th or 5th chapter everything changes they start giving what is The TRUTH. Yet they totaly dissagree with these other experts, or to put it a different way, they have a COMPLETELY DIFFERENT TRUTH. And if you think about it they have to, or their books wouldn't sell. So when reading the next Paranormal, Psychic, Spiritualist or religious book, I think, if you take just the similarities from all of them out there you will start getting closer to THE TRUTH...Does that make since to you? What are your thoughts?....Allen

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