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The X Group
So, You want to be a Ghost Hunter?

Here Are A Few Common Sense Tips

So You Want To Be A Ghost Hunter?

First, I have to ask, "You sure this is something you want to do?" No I am not trying to scare you or bring fear upon you. In 99% of hauntings and ghost sightings there is little more than a wisp of vapor, or if your real lucky a word or two uttered, either audibly or through EVP ( EVP stands for Electronic Voice Phenomenon, voices or sounds not heard by the human ear are caught on a tape recorder or on the audio track of a camcorder, normally unknown till after the investigation and found when playing back the recordings from the various devices used ) Now if it's an extraordinary sighting you may even see items float or get hurled through the air. But there is also that 1% we still have to worry about. Not all entities, ghosts, spirits, are like casper the friendly ghost. Then again even fewer are as negative as the entity or demon, if you will, that was in the Exorcist. It is very crucial that you do your homework, in the areas of Chakras, clearing and cleaning negative energy from your whole person. Very few beginners are told about the dark or evil entities ( forces ) they can encounter during investigations, channeling, or any event where connecting or contacting with those that have passed on takes place. You may not actually contact the spirit you intended, but one pretending to be that spirit. If you take the time and read accounts of those that have had encounters with these types of dark entities you will see they are just as real as the avg. ghost or entity. The consequences can be anything from a mere nuisance to sever and in my opinion even deadly. So before running out and buying all your Ghost Buster gear learn to Psychically, Metaphysically, spiritually, protect yourself. OK I know enough of that but it had to be said, to my knowledge even what little warning I just gave you isn't even hinted at, at in 99% of these Ghost Hunter sites.

Commonsense Rules Of Ghost Hunting.

1) Privacy : Those that are experiencing haunting or any type of Paranormal event rarely want to
have the general public have that knowledge for obvious reasons so Privacy!

2) Home Work : Do your home work, history of site, people living there if appropriate. Walk the
site completely during the day light hours before the actual Investigation.

3) Numbers : Never ever go alone, it is The X Group's opinion, that never less than four
should make up an Investigation Team. 2 when just doing a walk through

4) Communication : There should always be atleast 2 forms of communication available.
Suggestions: Cell Phone, Portable 2 way CB's, 2 way radios for all
Investigation Team members. Spare batteries for all also.

5) First Aid Kit : A complete First aid kit, I think the reasons are obvious, atleast 2 Blankets,
2 Gallons ( minimum ) of water. if site is not inhabited,

6) Flashlights : 1 flashlight per Team member and spare batteries, also as a back up Candles

7) NO SMOKING : Never smoke on site, before or during an Investigation, too many obvious
reasons to mention.

8) Respect : Remember, no matter where the site is located it belongs to someone, be respectful
of the site. Get permission to be there.

9) Never Run : During an Investigation never run, Again very obvious why.

10) Voice : Never Yell or whisper during an Investigation, always use a level tone of voice so all
can hear what you are saying. It also helps with nerves that are already tense, LOL

11) Hair : For those with long hair have it tied back in a pony tail. This way less chance of it
getting into camera or camcorder view when pictures are taken, this goes also for
straps on cameras or other equipment be sure all straps and wires are taped so they
will stay put. Also that all jewelry be removed especially necklaces, wedding bands
can be worn but must be covered in some manner. gloves tape ect. This is to help
with noise and the possibility of jewelry causing reflections.

12) Alcohol : Come on do I even need to say it? Or Drugs. OK enough said there.

Ghost Hunting Equipment

There are so many neat devices out there for us to use and in a perfect setting you would want all of them. But realistically that's out of the question in most cases, so what I will do is just list what I know most of the Ghost Hunters out there suggest or are using.

Equipment list

Infrared Thermal Scanner

EMF Detector

Audio Recorder

External Sensitive Mic

35mm Camera w/ 400 to 600 speed film

Compass : Preferably non-digital

Motion Detectors

Negative Iron Detector
Geiger Counter

Tri-Field Meter

Oscilloscopes and probes

FM Transmitters

Multi Energy Sensor Array ( MESA )

This is by no means a complete list but one you can use as a guide.

I will be adding more information as time passes so stop by often if you have a question or further information to add please feel free to E-Mail Us.

Happy Hunting.

Allen J.

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