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Correspondence With Authors Or Other Sites

My E-Mail correspondence With www.Ascention2000.com

Please take the time and visit the site, you will then get a better understanding of what I was asking and reffering to in this particular correspondence....

ok first my e-mail to David Wilcock

> A few thoughts about your site
> I doubt I will recieve a reply but felt I would give it a try. a few
> questions and a few things I read on your site.
> 1) You stated, "the sinlge most important thing we can learn to support
> Law of One is the notion of service to others".
> Well with this being the basis of (for lack of another word) Ra's
> why would this entity or group of entities, not give Carla Rueckert, the
> medical knowlege to help her body either with stand the effect of this
> contact with Ra or knowlege to regenrate her body, rather than as you put
> it, "It would appear that she may well have died if they had tried to
> continue it any further".
> I mean, wouldn't it have been a Great Service to Another to make sure the
> person wouldn't suffer, just to make sure otheres recieved this all
> important messege?
> 2) You stated, "It certainly appears that no human intlligence could ever
> really understand everything said in the Ra Material; we can simply stand
> the outside and point a finger at the most obvious parts".
> It would seem to me that if I were to explain something to someone of
> IQ or knowlege than myself, I would explain it in such manner as to be
> understood by the person I was instructing , teaching, or warning.If I
> failed in such a simple task, as to make it understandable, why in the
> would I even attempt? Not to mention almost killing the person I am in
> contact with? If I in my feeble human state know this, why wouldn't
> enlighten beings far advanced from us not?
> 3) You stated, "These entities naturally live in that time, and thus have
> much more experience putting material together and being able to
> it in an accurate and reliable fashion".
> How can this be stated, if we donot understand something, know if it is
> accurate or reliable? That statement seems to contradict that no human
> intelligence could ever understand everything said in the Ra Material.
> 4) If Ra is an enlighten being it/they should know how many false ideas,
> religions, new age thoughts are here on earth, and if they just contact an
> elite few, how is that in service to others. We have a multitude of ideas
> out there. I would think an enlighten being would give the knowlege to
> anyone who is willing to listen. Not just hope that someone would hear
> tale and jump up and down screaming, FINELY THE TRUTH!!
> Isn't that expecting a little too much, with our limited knowlege,
> intelligence? I mean, we all would have to look at all the other ideas and
> religions and say they all lied to us. And here is the only truth. Which
> the way is the feelings of all Prophets, seers, spiritualists, ect. Here
> are giving us all this info not as a theory but as the gospel truth. What
> proof have you got this isn't just another new thing under the sun. I
> think an enlighten being would want us to know the truth not guess.
> Lastly, I would ask you, if we are all here come the year 2016 would you
> willing to return all monies aquired through your book sales, classes,
> meetings, ect?? Explain to us why we are still here, and please a
> excuse then all the others have given, i.e. man reached a new
> thus the time has been puched back, that is becoming a very old excuse.
> What reason will you and those that help spread this messege of yours
> as to the why we are all here once the date 2012 is reached and passed?
> I mean now that 1980, 1990, 1991, 1997, 1999, 2000, has come and gone and
> has the new agers that said that certain things were going to happen then
> and of course we are still here. Once 2011, 2012, 2013, has come and
> what will be the next magic date.
> Please don't get me wrong I am not attacking you, I just find it totaly
> disgusting, looking at those who came before you who now live very
> comfortably, when their books and prophecies and knowlege gained from
> ascended masters and enlighten beings, aliens ect, has come to nothing.
> they don't give a thought to their fellow brothers and sisters who spent
> that money who believed them. Their appeals for us to love one another
> one another was nothing but well, doodoo. They got what they wanted in the
> end, money and short lived fame, while their fellow brothers and sisters
> still sit poor, lonely and confused. Well even If I dont hear back from
> thank you in advance for atleast reading this.

Mr David Wilcock's response:

Thank you for pointing out some potential inconsistencies
in the way I wrote about Ra. I'll see about amending them
for clarity as time permits.

How many of AB's guests have put all their books online
free of charge?

- David

**Note( His refference to AB's guests is, The Art Bell Show )
My Response To Mr. Wilcock:

I want to thank you for atleast responding, I truly do, and again I was
> >attacking you, I like so many others are seekers. We want to know the
> >truth, but there appears to be many truths out there, when you and I
> >agree there can in the end only be one. I won't bother you futher, but
> >could you please if at all possible answer a few of the questions I
> >ANd agreed you are only the second guest on Art Bells show to not push
> >their wares, and yes of course your book is on line free of charge. Again
> >if at all possible even though it may sound like I am attacking you
> >believe I am not. I am just one soul amongst millions seeking answers, and
> >have been set up in the past just to be knocked down in bewilderment.
> >thank you for your brief response but could you to the best of your
> >abililty adress my questions?

> Thank you...Allen
> The X Group, Be Good One To Another.

Mr. David Wilcocks Response:

Ra is not an "instant grat" study I'm afraid... sometimes I'd
sit there with the same two pages open for literally 20 minutes,
just reading, re-reading and digesting, in order to get it. Your
questions would be answered if you were willing to read the
books; I am overwhelmed with email and cannot do that now.
For the personal insights, Book Five is the most revealing.

So this may sound callous, but do not judge the work by
its interpreter. A very significant part of it can be understood,
and that is the statement I may amend.

- David

My Response To David Wilcocks:

Thank you for your reply, and your honesty...Allen
> The X Group, Be Good One To Another

Mr. David Wilcocks Response:

Peace be with you, Allen -

- David

Thus ends our E-Mail response, I must admit he was very prompt with responding, and I will take his challenge and completely read his work/book. But I honestly didn't expect a straight out answer. Straight answers from those who seem to have the knowlege we seek rarely are forth coming. What do you think? Am I expecting too much, was I too harsh? As stated I will read his work and add more to this in the future.

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