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The X Group
True Paranormal Experiences

A Quick Note.

I want to express to all those visiting this site, I am not writing a book, I am not being paid for any investigations that The X Group is involved in, I am not asking anyone for money though I will admit I would never turn down donations of equipment and things on that level, so if your interested in helping in that way please do e-mail us. My personal experiences are true I have no reason to lie to anyone. All I ask of the skeptics is talk to people you know and trust, believe me someone you know has had an experience similar to some you will read on this site. I started The X Group, to find out whats going on with these experiences. So don't close your mind don't be quick to call someone crazy or a liar just because you have not had an experience or because your belief system says these things don't happen unless it's psychologicaly induced, drug related or it's the devil or some other such nonsense. As our investigations go forward we will share what is happening and what we know, feel, think, is happening. But in the end it is up to you to decide, but one thing is for sure, One day we will all know....Allen
Be Good One To Another

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My Experience With Shadow People
Allen, Founder of The X Group

"Ok, what are the shadow people"? I can almost hear you asking this question. All I can tell you is my exp with them, who or what they are I have yet to figure out or understand. What I do know is I am not the only one to exp this strange phenomenon. If you happen to listen to The Art bell Show, you will also know that literally thousands of people have E-Mailed him and told him of their exp's. There are different theories as to who and what they are here are just a few.

1). They are people who have perfected their OBE ( Out Of Body Experience).

2). They are people who are in a dream state and having an OBE without actually knowing it.

3). They are other Dimensional beings visiting our dimension.

4). Ghosts or Entities

If you hold to one of these beliefs or have on of your own, then please do share with us your ideas.

Ok, now on to my story. I am relating this story cause again I had a wittness to some of the goings on the night of my encounter and events that took place after my first exp. ok ok ok, enough babbling now on with the story.

I was in the US army and was stationed at Ft. Sill Okla, ( Lawton Okla). This took place in the summer of "83" i was 21 yrs old at the time.
As I remember there was nothing special about the day or evening when I went to bed. I was awakened out of a dead sleep by a sound that I can only describe as a loud inner "POP", meaning the sound wasn't externally created but seemed to come from inside of me. ( does that make sense?) Now at the time there were alot of breakins going on, so I assumed what I had heard was someone in my home. So I layed there without moving and just looked around my dark bedroom with my eyes. To my left I saw a movement so my worste fears seemed to be realized. I could see a very dark ( Humanoid shape) to my left and I could see it was coming towards me. I decided to stay completely still till this person got within about 4 to 5 ft of my bed, I would then jump up an co-cock this intruder and hopefully catch him off guard. He seemed to be moving very slow, which of course made alot of sense since I am sure he was trying not to make any noise. As he slowly came toward the bed I looked over at the clock it was exactly 12:10am. Also at the end of our bed facing the rear of of home was our bedroom window which also faced a parkinglot to the bar behind our home. I could see people entering and exiting their vehicles and as I said it was summer so the window was also open i could hear catches of conversation, car doors opening and closing, laughing ect. Looking back towards my intruder I could see he was about where I needed him to be so I braced myself for the lunge. I was just deciding it was now or never, so I gathered my courage and resolve to jump up, it was then I noticed I couldn't move, not only could I not move but I seemed not to be breathing it was as if I didn't need to, you would also think I would be able to feel and hear my heart hammering like a trip hammer in my ears and chest but that also was absent. So now inwardly I started to panic, to try and make sense of what was going on. I thought I must be dreaming then, but again I looked between the curtains of the window, (which was open say 4 to 5 inches) I could see people walking from and to their vehicles, voices, the sounds of cars starting ect. So I thought NO WAY! am I dreaming this was ALL TO CLEAR and real to be a dream. Looking back to my intruder he was beside the bed next to me, I still could not see any details but a very dark sillouette, that was even darker than the dark room...As it stood next to the bed I could see it was placing its hands , one on my stomach the other on my forehead and as soon as it touched me my whole body began to tingle as if I had electricity running through it...I tried making a noise in my throat or move so I could wake up my wife who was laying right next to me, but I couldn't. It was then I felt like I was going to die, I couldn't move or defend myself, I was totaly helpless. My background at the time was in christianity, so I thought maybe this was a demon or evil entity so I started rebuking it in the name of Jesus as all good christians are taught to do, over and over I did this with no effect. I then just gave up mentally I felt this was the end. Then without warning it was gone I could now move, breath ect.. I grabbed my wifes hand and drug her out of bed and outside told her what had just happened, but of course she thought it was all just a bad dream. She refused to listen to me, we were sitting on the hood of the suburu, facing the livingroom window while I was trying to convince her what happened. As I was talking the livingroom curtain opened in the middle like someone was looking out then fell back in place. I yelled did you see that? My wife slowly nodded her head that she did. To say the least she was totaly flabbergasted. Just then a friend that lived across from us came home with his wife. I went over to him and told hime what had just happened. I was expecting him to laugh at me and ask what it was I had been smoking or that it was all a bad dream as my wife did. But instead he proceded to tell me what happened to his wife the week before. She was walking toward the bathroom when something literaly picked her up and through her across the room. I was to say the least shocked, I asked him why he didn't tell me about this and what did they do?
Well he said he didn't tell me because he didn't think I would believe him and secondly they called thier priest he came over and blessed there place and read some scriptures throughout their home. I asked if he still had those lists of scriptures, he said he did so we went immediatly over to my place and read those same scriptures in my place. All this took aproximatly 40 minutes from the time I drug my wife out of the house. So my wife and I went back home together and you would think niether of us would go back to sleep, but it appears we must have dropped off almost immediatly cause next thing I know I felt that inner pop again and once again in a paralysed state..lets surfice it to say that basically the same thing happened again when I was released this time my wife and I stayed at my friends house and slept on the floor. I never again saw the shadow person but for the next 6 months things would totaly dissappear, once we watched a glass of milk just dissappear. And though I never saw it again I could feel it when it was near cause my body would tingle and my wife would suddenly feel fear with out me saying a word, but all that finely stopped in "91"...Allen

The Ghost Car
Allen, Founder Of The X Group

I was between 13 and 14 yrs old. we lived just outside Cannon Falls, Minnesota. My younger brother Jr. was only a year old and had become very ill. He had a high temp, and just to put it simply was very miserable. It was around 1am in the morning and my mother woke me up. She wanted me to run into town with her so we could get Jr. some baby aspirin and cough syrup ect. Well we went to the all night store in down town Cannon Falls and headed back home. As soon as we got on to Hwy 19 aproximatly 50 yards on to it there appeared behind us a pair of very bright lights. My mother had me along because she was basicaly a night blind driver. So she was very upset to say the least about this idiot behind us with their bright lights on. So mom decided instead of dealing with the lights she would pull over to the shoulder so the vehicle could just pass us. But instead of just going by, it also pulled over and stayed the same distance behind us. Well now mom was ticked and floored the Suburban and we were flying down the highway, but the vehicle stayed right with us. It never got closer or further behind but trailed us at the same distance ( Aproximatly 50 yrds). This kept up even when we came to our dirt road but mom didn't slow down cause now she was scared. She nor I could understand what this person was up to and to make matters worse my father was out of town at this time, he drove long haul truck. Well when we got to our drive way which was about 3 blocks long this vehicle pulled in to our drive way as we got to the front of our house. We both ran into the house, locked the door and put our outside yard light on. Looking out our picture window we could see the front of the vehicle only. It appeared to be an older vehicle , you know with the lights on each front fender with an oblong grill, thats all we could see of it. Mom decided, we should call the police, as I reached for the phone mom yelled at me to come back to the window and told me to look. As we both watched this vehicle slowly but very visibly dissapeared till it was totaly gone....Now what, who was this person in the vehicle, we could never quite figure out. It just made no sense what so ever. The next morning we went out to look at our driveway, it was your typical country drive way, very muddy ect yet the only tracks visible were the tire tracks from the surburban. My mother and I disscussed this incident many times yet we never could come to grips with it.....Any thoughts?

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