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The X Group
Application To Become A Position Member

What Is A Position Member?

A Position Memeber is just that, one who wants to be part of The X Group as an acting member. You may wonder what kinds of things you might do or be asked to do. that actually depends on you. Think of any business, every position that would be there we need also, and a few you wouldn't find in a regular
Below you will find a list of positions we are seeking if you feel you can fill one or more of them please do apply or if you have a service or talent you feel you could bring to The X Group, please do suggest it.

Also, we are a research group thus these are not paying positions, we are seeking those that are interested in the research, investigation, and knowlege that can be gain by such.

Thank you in advance for your interest and I hope to meet many of you in, Our Search For The Truth.

Allen J.

Positions with In Our Organization.

Please fill in the following application and then check the boxes of the areas that interest you.

List any Lic, certificates or deplomas you hold
List any experience with the Paranormal, UFO, or Psychic areas
List any Psychic gifts you may have or have exihibited in the past
Availability Fulltime, Parttime, weekends, ect
Office Manger
Secretary (Home Bound)
Information Specialist
Researcher (Home Bound)
Field Researcher
Interviewer phone/Internet
Field Interviewer
Field Interviewer Assistant
Field Investigator
Field Investigator assistant
Field Sound specialist
Field Photographer
Field Videographer
Website Cordinator
Computer Tech ( as needed)
Electronic specialist ( Repair, Construction, as needed)
Psychic/Sensitive Assistant
Geneaologist (Home Bound)

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